In the table you will see “Rotation: A, B, C” This refers to which periodic interval those rewards will be granted during survival, defense & interception missions.
In survival, this interval is every 5 minutes and each rotation ends when you get the item reward that pops up on the screen.
In Interception, this interval is every round and each rotation ends when you opt to continue or leave.
In Defense, this interval is every 5 waves and each rotation ends when you opt to continue or leave.

However, it is not as straight forward as it might appear. A, B, C rotations can be rather confusing in the order they are granted.

Rotation A
Rotation A (again)
Rotation B
Rotation C
Then repeat the entire cycle from start A, A, B, C… A, A, B, C… etc.
For example, if you are trying to get an item from Survival Rotation C you need to stay at least 4 rotations (20 minutes). Then you only get another chance at the Survival Rotation C items again at rotation 8, 12, 16, etc (40 minute, 60 minute, 80 minute, etc).


Ducats are a currency required for purchasing items sold by Baro Ki’Teer, such as special Mods, or exclusive Weapons.
It is a unique currency that can only be acquired by selling Prime parts and blueprints at the Void Trader’s Kiosks found in the Relays.
Prime weapon parts, Prime blueprints and non-crafted Prime Warframe parts can be sold.
Rarer parts are generally worth more Ducats in exchange.
Baro Ki’Teer makes appearances every two weeks, and is only available for trading for up to 48 hours after surfacing before disappearing.

TypeNamePartMission / RelicOdds
WarframeAshChassisManics (Grineer)
WarframeAshNeuropticsManics (Grineer)
WarframeAshSystemsManics (Grineer)
WarframeAtlasBlueprintThe Jordas Precept Quest
WarframeAtlasChassisJordas Golem Assassination @ Eris
WarframeAtlasNeuropticsJordas Golem Assassination @ Eris
WarframeAtlasSystemsJordas Golem Assassination @ Eris
WarframeBansheeBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeBansheeChassisTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeBansheeNeuropticsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeBansheeSystemsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeChromaBlueprintThe New Strange Quest
WarframeChromaChassisThe New Strange Quest
WarframeChromaNeuropticsThe New Strange Quest
WarframeChromaSystemsThe New Strange Quest
WarframeEmberChassisGeneral Sargas Ruk @ Saturn, Tethys
WarframeEmberNeuropticsGeneral Sargas Ruk @ Saturn, Tethys
WarframeEmberSystemsGeneral Sargas Ruk @ Saturn, Tethys
WarframeEquinox Day AspectBlueprintTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Day AspectChassisTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Day AspectNeuropticsTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Day AspectSystemsTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Night AspectBlueprintTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Night AspectChassisTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Night AspectNeuropticsTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeEquinox Night AspectSystemsTyl Regor @ Uranus, Titania
WarframeExcaliburChassisAmbulas @ Pluto, Hades
WarframeExcaliburNeuropticsAmbulas @ Pluto, Hades
WarframeExcaliburSystemsAmbulas @ Pluto, Hades
WarframeFrostChassisLieutenant Lech Kril @ Ceres, Exta
WarframeFrostNeuropticsLieutenant Lech Kril @ Ceres, Exta
WarframeFrostSystemsLieutenant Lech Kril @ Ceres, Exta
WarframeHydroidChassisCouncilor Vay Hek @ Earth, Oro
WarframeHydroidNeuropticsCouncilor Vay Hek @ Earth, Oro
WarframeHydroidSystemsCouncilor Vay Hek @ Earth, Oro
WarframeLimboChassisThe Limbo Theorem Quest
WarframeLimboNeuropticsThe Limbo Theorem Quest
WarframeLimboSystemsThe Limbo Theorem Quest
WarframeLokiChassisHyena Pack @ Neptune, Psamathe
WarframeLokiNeuropticsHyena Pack @ Neptune, Psamathe
WarframeLokiSystemsHyena Pack @ Neptune, Psamathe
WarframeMagChassisThe Sergeant @ Mars, War
WarframeMagNeuropticsThe Sergeant @ Mars, War
WarframeMagSystemsThe Sergeant @ Mars, War
WarframeMesaChassisMutalist Alad V (Key) @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeMesaNeuropticsMutalist Alad V (Key) @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeMesaSystemsMutalist Alad V (Key) @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeMirageChassisHidden Messages Quest
WarframeMirageNeuropticsHidden Messages Quest
WarframeMirageSystemsHidden Messages Quest
WarframeNekrosChassisOrokin Derelict Assassination (Key)
WarframeNekrosNeuropticsOrokin Derelict Assassination (Key)
WarframeNekrosSystemsOrokin Derelict Assassination (Key)
WarframeNovaChassisRaptor @ Europa, Naamah
WarframeNovaNeuropticsRaptor @ Europa, Naamah
WarframeNovaSystemsRaptor @ Europa, Naamah
WarframeNyxChassisPhorid @ Infestation Outbreaks
WarframeNyxNeuropticsPhorid @ Infestation Outbreaks
WarframeNyxSystemsPhorid @ Infestation Outbreaks
WarframeOberonChassisEximus Units
WarframeOberonNeuropticsEximus Units
WarframeOberonSystemsEximus Units
WarframeRhinoChassisJackal @ Venus, Fossa
WarframeRhinoNeuropticsJackal @ Venus, Fossa
WarframeRhinoSystemsJackal @ Venus, Fossa
WarframeSarynChassisKela De Thaym @ Sedna, Merrow
WarframeSarynNeuropticsKela De Thaym @ Sedna, Merrow
WarframeSarynSystemsKela De Thaym @ Sedna, Merrow
WarframeTrinityChassisCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
WarframeTrinityNeuropticsCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
WarframeTrinitySystemsCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
WarframeValkyrChassisAlad V @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeValkyrNeuropticsAlad V @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeValkyrSystemsAlad V @ Jupiter, Themisto
WarframeVaubanChassisAlert Missions
WarframeVaubanNeuropticsAlert Missions
WarframeVaubanSystemsAlert Missions
WarframeVoltBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeVoltChassisTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeVoltNeuropticsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeVoltSystemsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeZephyrBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeZephyrChassisTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeZephyrNeuropticsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeZephyrSystemsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeWukongBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeWukongChassisTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeWukongNeuropticsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeWukongSystemsTenno Lab @ Dojo
WarframeIvaraBlueprintSpy Missions | Level 25+
WarframeIvaraChassisSpy Missions | Level 15-25
WarframeIvaraNeuropticsSpy Missions | Level 25+
WarframeIvaraSystemsSpy Missions | Level 1-15
WarframeNezhaChassisSortie Reward / Tradable
WarframeNezhaNeuropticsSortie Reward / Tradable
WarframeNezhaSystemsSortie Reward / Tradable
WarframeAsh PrimeBlueprintMESO C122%45
WarframeAsh PrimeChassisMESO V276%15
WarframeAsh PrimeNeuropticsMESO N222%45
WarframeAsh PrimeNeuropticsAXI N222%45
WarframeAsh PrimeSystemsAXI N12%100
WarframeEmber PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeEmber PrimeChassisPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeEmber PrimeNeuropticsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeEmber PrimeSystemsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeFrost PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeFrost PrimeChassisPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeFrost PrimeNeuropticsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeFrost PrimeSystemsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeLoki PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeLoki PrimeChassisPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeLoki PrimeNeuropticsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeLoki PrimeSystemsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeMag PrimeBlueprintLITH M12%100
WarframeMag PrimeChassisMESO B122%45
WarframeMag PrimeNeuropticsAXI V276%15
WarframeMag PrimeSystemsNEO D176%15
WarframeNova PrimeBlueprintNEO N222%45
WarframeNova PrimeChassisNEO V12%100
WarframeNova PrimeNeuropticsMESO C176%15
WarframeNova PrimeSystemsNEO S276%15
WarframeNyx PrimeBlueprintLITH S276%15
WarframeNyx PrimeBlueprintNEO V176%15
WarframeNyx PrimeChassisNEO N12%100
WarframeNyx PrimeNeuropticsMESO N12%100
WarframeNyx PrimeSystemsNEO S222%45
WarframeRhino PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeRhino PrimeChassisPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeRhino PrimeNeuropticsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeRhino PrimeSystemsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
WarframeTrinity PrimeBlueprintAXI S122%45
WarframeTrinity PrimeChassisNEO S122%45
WarframeTrinity PrimeNeuropticsAXI V276%15
WarframeTrinity PrimeNeuropticsNEO D122%45
WarframeTrinity PrimeSystemsAXI A176%15
WarframeTrinity PrimeSystemsAXI V276%15
WarframeTrinity PrimeSystemsAXI V376%15
WarframeVolt PrimeBlueprintNEO V122%45
WarframeVolt PrimeChassisMESO V222%45
WarframeVolt PrimeNeuropticsAXI V122%45
WarframeVolt PrimeSystemsLITH V122%45
WarframeSaryn PrimeBlueprintNEO S12%100
WarframeSaryn PrimeChassisNEO S22%100
WarframeSaryn PrimeNeuropticsLITH A122%45
WarframeSaryn PrimeSystemsMESO C176%15
WarframeVauban PrimeBlueprintLITH F22%100
WarframeVauban PrimeChassisAXI V12%100
WarframeVauban PrimeNeuropticsMESO N22%100
WarframeVauban PrimeSystemsNEO N22%100
PrimaryBoar PrimeBlueprintNEO D176%15
PrimaryBoar PrimeBarrelAXI V222%45
PrimaryBoar PrimeReceiverLITH M176%15
PrimaryBoar PrimeStockMESO B12%100
PrimaryBoltor PrimeStockPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryBoltor PrimeBarrelPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryBoltor PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryBoltor PrimeReceiverPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryBraton PrimeBlueprintMESO V122%25
PrimaryBraton PrimeBlueprintAXI N176%25
PrimaryBraton PrimeBarrelLITH A176%15
PrimaryBraton PrimeReceiverAXI V222%45
PrimaryBraton PrimeReceiverAXI V322%45
PrimaryBraton PrimeStockMESO N176%15
PrimaryBraton PrimeStockAXI A176%15
PrimaryBurston PrimeBlueprintMESO V176%15
PrimaryBurston PrimeBarrelLITH F222%45
PrimaryBurston PrimeReceiverNEO S376%15
PrimaryBurston PrimeStockLITH V176%15
PrimaryBurston PrimeStockNEO S276%15
PrimaryLatron PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryLatron PrimeBarrelPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryLatron PrimeStockPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryLatron PrimeReceiverPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
PrimaryParis PrimeBlueprintLITH F176%15
PrimaryParis PrimeBlueprintMESO V276%15
PrimaryParis PrimeGripLITH S122%45
PrimaryParis PrimeLower LimbLITH V176%15
PrimaryParis PrimeLower LimbNEO S276%15
PrimaryParis PrimeStringLITH S176%15
PrimaryParis PrimeUpper LimbLITH F176%25
PrimaryParis PrimeUpper LimbLITH V176%25
PrimaryParis PrimeUpper LimbNEO S222%25
PrimarySoma PrimeBlueprintLITH M122%15
PrimarySoma PrimeBlueprintNEO S176%15
PrimarySoma PrimeBarrelNEO S376%15
PrimarySoma PrimeReceiverNEO N122%45
PrimarySoma PrimeStockLITH S22%100
PrimaryVectis PrimeBlueprintLITH A122%45
PrimaryVectis PrimeBarrelNEO N176%15
PrimaryVectis PrimeReceiverMESO V12%100
PrimaryVectis PrimeStockAXI V22%100
PrimaryVectis PrimeStockAXI V32%100
SecondaryAkbronco PrimeBlueprintLITH S276%15
SecondaryAkbronco PrimeLinkAXI S122%45
SecondaryBronco PrimeBlueprintLITH S176%15
SecondaryBronco PrimeBlueprintMESO N276%15
SecondaryBronco PrimeBlueprintAXI S176%15
SecondaryBronco PrimeBlueprintAXI N276%15
SecondaryBronco PrimeBarrelNEO V122%45
SecondaryBronco PrimeReceiverAXI S176%15
SecondaryHikou PrimeBlueprintLITH S176%15
SecondaryHikou PrimeBlueprintMESO N276%15
SecondaryHikou PrimePouchAXI K176%15
SecondaryHikou PrimePouchAXI V276%15
SecondaryHikou PrimeStarsLITH F276%15
SecondaryHikou PrimeStarsNEO N176%15
SecondaryLex PrimeBlueprintMESO D176%15
SecondaryLex PrimeBlueprintNEO N276%15
SecondaryLex PrimeBarrelNEO S176%15
SecondaryLex PrimeBarrelAXI K176%15
SecondaryLex PrimeReceiverLITH M176%15
SecondaryLex PrimeReceiverAXI N276%15
SecondarySicarus PrimeBarrelPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SecondarySicarus PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SecondarySicarus PrimeReceiverPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SecondaryVasto PrimeBlueprintNEO S322%45
SecondaryVasto PrimeBarrelNEO N276%15
SecondaryVasto PrimeBarrelNEO D176%15
SecondaryVasto PrimeBarrelAXI V376%15
SecondaryVasto PrimeReceiverLITH A176%15
SecondaryVasto PrimeReceiverMESO V276%15
SecondarySpira PrimeBlueprintNEO S32%100
SecondarySpira PrimePouchMESO V176%15
SecondarySpira PrimeBladeLITH S12%100
SecondaryAkstiletto PrimeBlueprintLITH A122%45
SecondaryAkstiletto PrimeBarrelAXI A12%100
ScondaryAkstiletto PrimeReceiverAXI K122%45
SecondaryAkstiletto PrimeLinkAXI N122%45
MeleeAnkyros PrimeGauntletPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeAnkyros PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeAnkyros PrimeBladePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeBo PrimeOrnamentPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeBo PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeBo PrimeHandlePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeDakra PrimeHandleMESO B176%15
MeleeDakra PrimeBladeNEO D12%100
MeleeDakra PrimeBlueprintLITH M122%45
MeleeFang PrimeBlueprintMESO N176%15
MeleeFang PrimeBlueprintNEO N276%15
MeleeFang PrimeBladeLITH F176%15
MeleeFang PrimeBladeAXI N176%15
MeleeFang PrimeHandleLITH F222%45
MeleeFang PrimeHandleMESO N122%45
MeleeFang PrimeHandleMESO N222%45
MeleeGlaive PrimeDiscPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeGlaive PrimeBladePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeGlaive PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeOrthos PrimeBlueprintMESO B122%45
MeleeOrthos PrimeBlueprintAXI V322%45
MeleeOrthos PrimeBladeMESO D122%45
MeleeOrthos PrimeHandleMESO D176%15
MeleeOrthos PrimeHandleMESO B176%15
MeleeReaper PrimeHandlePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeReaper PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeReaper PrimeBladePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
MeleeScindo PrimeBlueprintLITH F122%45
MeleeScindo PrimeHandleMESO C12%100
MeleeScindo PrimeBladeAXI S122%45
MeleeNikana PrimeBlueprintAXI A12%100
MeleeNikana PrimeBladeMESO V22%100
MeleeNikana PrimeHiltAXI N22%100
MeleeFragor PrimeBlueprintLITH F12%100
MeleeFragor PrimeHeadLITH V12%100
MeleeFragor PrimeHandleAXI A176%15
SentinelDjinnBlueprintBio Lab @ Dojo
SentinelHeliosBlueprintEnergy Lab @ Dojo
SentinelPrisma ShadeRelay Trader
KubrowKavasa Prime CollarBlueprintNEO N122%45
KubrowKavasa Prime CollarBandLITH S222%45
KubrowKavasa Prime CollarBuckleAXI K12%100
SentinelWyrm PrimeCerebrumPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SentinelWyrm PrimeBlueprintPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SentinelWyrm PrimeCarapacePrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SentinelWyrm PrimeSystemsPrime Vault / Not Obtainable
SentinelCarrier PrimeCerebrumMESO C12%100
SentinelCarrier PrimeBlueprintMESO V176%15
SentinelCarrier PrimeCarapaceAXI N276%15
SentinelCarrier PrimeCarapaceNEO S176%15
SentinelCarrier PrimeSystemsLITH S276%15
SentinelCarrier PrimeSystemsAXI V176%15
ArchwingElytronBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
ArchwingElytronHarnessTenno Lab @ Dojo
ArchwingElytronWingsTenno Lab @ Dojo
ArchwingElytronSystemsTenno Lab @ Dojo
AW MeleeOnorixBlueprintMarketplace
AW MeleeOnorixBladeNew Loka
AW MeleeOnorixHandleThe Perrin Sequence
AW MeleeRathboneBlueprintMarketplace
AW MeleeRathboneHandleRed Veil
AW MeleeRathboneHeadNew Loka
AW PrimaryCorvasBlueprintMarketplace
AW PrimaryCorvasBarrelArbiters of Hexis
AW PrimaryCorvasReceiverCephalon Suda
AW PrimaryCorvasStockSteel Meridian
AW PrimaryDual DecurionBlueprintMarketplace
AW PrimaryDual DecurionBarrelArbiters of Hexis
AW PrimaryDual DecurionReceiverCephalon Suda
AW PrimaryVelocitusBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
AW PrimaryVelocitusBarrelCephalon Suda
AW PrimaryVelocitusReceiverSteel Meridian
AW PrimaryVelocitusStockRed Veil
AW PrimaryFluctusBlueprintTenno Lab @ Dojo
AW PrimaryFluctusBarrelCephalon Suda
AW PrimaryFluctusLimbsRed Veil
AW PrimaryFluctusStockSteel Meridian
AW PrimaryPhaedraBlueprintMarketplace
AW PrimaryPhaedraBarrelArbiters of Hexis
AW PrimaryPhaedraReceiverThe Perrin Sequence
AW PrimaryPhaedraStockNew Loka
AW PrimaryCyngasBlueprintMarketplace
AW PrimaryCyngasBarrelArbiters of Hexis
AW PrimaryCyngasReceiverCephalon Suda
AW PrimaryCyngasStockThe Perrin Sequence
AW MeleeAkguzaBlueprintMarketplace
AW MeleeAkguzaBladeNew Loka
AW MeleeAkguzaHandleRed Veil
AW MeleeAkguzaGuardSteel Meridian
AW MeleeKaszasBlueprintMarketplace
AW MeleeKaszasBladeRed Veil
AW MeleeKaszasHandleSteel Meridian
ArchwingOdonata PrimeBlueprintLITH F122%45
ArchwingOdonata PrimeHarnessAXI K176%15
ArchwingOdonata PrimeWingsAXI N122%45
ArchwingOdonata PrimeSystemsLITH F276%15
ArchwingOdonata PrimeSystemsAXI V176%15
PrimarySimulorCephalon Simaris @ Relay
PrimaryVaykor HekSyndicate - Steel Meridian
PrimaryTelos BoltorSyndicate - Arbiters of Hexis
PrimarySynoid SimulorSyndicate - Cephalon Suda
PrimarySecura PentaSyndicate - The Perrin Sequence
PrimaryRakta CernosSyndicate - Red Veil
PrimarySancti TigrisSyndicate - New Loka
SecondaryVaykor MarelokSyndicate - Steel Meridian
SecondaryTelos AkboltoSyndicate - Arbiters of Hexis
SecondarySynoid GammacorSyndicate - Cephalon Suda
SecondarySecura Dual CestraSyndicate - The Perrin Sequence
SecondaryRakta BallisticaSyndicate - Red Veil
SecondarySancti CastanasSyndicate - New Loka
SecondaryBrakkBlueprintThe Grustag Three
SecondaryBrakkBarrelThe Grustag Three
SecondaryBrakkReceiverThe Grustag Three
SecondaryDetronBlueprintZanuka Hunter
SecondaryDetronBarrelZanuka Hunter
SecondaryDetronReceiverZanuka Hunter
PrimarySeerBlueprintCaptain Vor @ Mercury, Tolstoj
PrimarySeerBarrelCaptain Vor @ Mercury, Tolstoj
PrimarySeerReceiverCaptain Vor @ Mercury, Tolstoj
PrimaryMiterBlueprintCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
PrimaryMiterBarrelCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
PrimaryMiterBladeCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
PrimaryMiterChassisCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
PrimaryMiterHandleCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
SecondaryTwin GremlinsBlueprintCaptain Vor And Lieutenant Lech Kril @ Phobos, Iliad
MeleeCronusBlueprintCaptain Vor @ Mercury, Tolstoj
PrimaryGorgonLogin Reward
MeleeHeat DaggerBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeHeat SwordBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeJaw SwordBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeGlaiveBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeDark DaggerBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeDark SwordBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleeCeramic DaggerBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleePangolin SwordBlueprintAlert Missions
MeleePlasma SwordBlueprintAlert Missions

Mod NameDrop Location / MobPolarityRarityTypeDescriptionWiki LinkTransmutable
Adept SurgeConclave OfferingCorruptedWarframe+20% to Bullet Jump -20% HEALTH -20% ARMORWiki LinkUntransmutable
Adrenaline BoostConclave RewardRareWarframe+25% Energy, -20% HealthWiki LinkUntransmutable
Agility DriftMoon TestRareWarframeReduced damage while airborne by -12% +6% EVASIONWiki LinkTransmutable
Air ThrustersConclave OfferingUncommonWarframe+100% Slide Boost w Airborne, -0.2 MobilitiyWiki LinkUntransmutable
AnticipationConclave OfferingUncommonWarframeImmune to Knockdown for +8s after being Knocked Down. Immune to Stagger for +8s after being Staggered.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Antitoxin (Mod)Fusion MOA, Tier 2 Surv, Tier 1 DUncommonWarframe+45% Toxin ResistanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Armored AcrobaticsConclave OfferingRareWarframe+20 Damage Resistance During Bullet Jump -0.1 MobilityWiki LinkUntransmutable
Armored AgilityNightmare MissionsNightmareWarframe+15% Sprint Speed, +45% ArmorWiki LinkTransmutable
Armored EvadeConclave OfferingRareWarframe+20% Damage Resistance While Doging, -20% SlideWiki LinkUntransmutable
Armored RecoveryConclave OfferingUncommonWarframe+50% Damage Resistance While Doging, -20% SlideWiki LinkUntransmutable
Battering ManeuverDrekar Seeker, Sealab SabotageUncommonWarframe+18% Bullet Jum, Aim Glide, Wall Latch, +60% Impact Damage on Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Blind RageOrokin VaultCorruptedWarframe+99% Strenght, -66% EfficiencyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Calculated SpringConclave OfferingUncommonWarframe-20% Bullet Jump, +10% Health, +100 AmorWiki LinkUntransmutable
Coaction DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+15% Aura Strenght, +15% Aura EffectivenessWiki LinkTransmutable
ConstitutionNightmare MissionsNightmareWarframe+28% Duration, +40% Knockdown RecoveryWiki LinkTransmutable
ContinuityTier 3 D, Sargas Ruk, Spy MissionsRareWarframe+30% Power DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Cunning DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+12% Slide, -30% Friction, +15% RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Diamond SkinLeech Osprey, Sapping Osprey, Arid Hellion, Arid Lancer, Desert HG, Frontier HG, Frontier Hellion, Frontier Lancer, Drekar Scorpion, LancerUncommonWarframe+45% Radiation ResistanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Endurance DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+15% Power Max, +12% Parkour VelocityWiki LinkTransmutable
Enemy SenseFlameblade, Guardsman EximusRareWarframe+30 Enemy RadarWiki LinkTransmutable
EnguardConclaveUncommonWarframeImunne to Knockdown for 8s after KnockdownWiki LinkUntransmutable
EquilibriumLephantis(Phase 1)UncommonWarframeHealth Pickups Gain Aditional Energy & Vice VersaWiki LinkTransmutable
Fast DeflectionAmbulas, Lynx Osprey, Roller, Shield Osprey, Tier 2 Surv, Spy MissionsUncommonWarframe+90% Shield RechargeWiki LinkTransmutable
Final ActConclave RewardRareWarframeAt low Health +20% Efficiency, +50% Range for 4sWiki LinkUntransmutable
FirewalkerUranus Sabotage, Drekar HellionRareWarframe+24.2% Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Aim Glide, +275% Fire Damage During Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Flame RepellentFlameblade, Ancient Healer, Tier 2 SurvCommonWarframe+60% Flame ResistanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Fleeting ExpertiseOrokin VaultCorruptedWarframe+60% Efficiency, -60% DurationWiki LinkUntransmutable
FlowArid Butcher, Butcher, Frontier Butcher, Guardsman, ManicRareWarframe+150% Power MaxWiki LinkTransmutable
Follow ThroughConclave OfferingRareWarframeOn Kill, Gain 1 Power Rate for 8sWiki LinkUntransmutable
FortitudeNightmare MissionsRareWarframe+20% Chance to Resist Knockdown, +80% Sgield RehargeWiki LinkTransmutable
HandspringJackal, Tech, Warden, Grineer Tier 3 DRareWarframe+160% Knockdown RecoveryWiki LinkTransmutable
Hastened StepsConclave RewardRareWarframe+20% Sprint Speed, -05 Shield CapWiki LinkTransmutable
Heavy ImpactStalker, Toxic Crawler, Scorpion, Tier 1 Surv UncommonWarframeCreates a Shockwave With Heavy LandingsWiki LinkTransmutable
Heightened ReflexesConclave RewardRareWarframe+20% Cast Speed, -20% EfficiencyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Ice SpringDrekar Butcher, Sabotage UranusRareWarframe+24.2% Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Aim Glide, +275% Frost Damage During Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
InsulationNapalmCommonWarframe+60% Ice ResistanceWiki LinkTransmutable
IntensifyAlad V, Vor, Stalker, Infested T3 Def, Tier 1 Surv C, Tier 1 Excavation CRareWarframe+30% Power StrengthWiki LinkTransmutable
IntruderCorrupted Heavy GunnerCommonWarframe+6s to HackingWiki LinkTransmutable
Lightning DashSabotage UranusRareWarframe+24.2% Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Aim Glide, +275% Electricity Damage During Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Lightning RodScorpion, Ancient HealerCommonWarframe+ 60% Lightning RessistanceWiki LinkTransmutable
MaglevCorrupted AncientUncommonWarframe+30% Slide, -30% FrictionWiki LinkTransmutable
Master ThiefChroma, Mesa, Scorpion, Hyena Pack, Corpus Tier 3 DRareWarframe+40% Chance to Unlock Locked LockerrsWiki LinkTransmutable
MobilizeDrekar Lancer, Drekat Elite LancerUncommonWarframe+20% Aim Glide, Wall Latch, Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Narrow MindedOrokin VaultCorruptedWarframe+99% Duration, -66% RangeWiki LinkUntransmutable
Natural TalentG3, InterceptionRareWarframe+50% Casting SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
OverchargedConclave OfferingRareWarframe+25 Respawn Energy Converted Into 200% OvershieldWiki LinkUntransmutable
OverextendedOrokin VaultCorruptedWarframe+90% Range, -60% StrenghtWiki LinkUntransmutable
PatagiumDrekar Trooper, Sealab SabotageUncommonWarframe+15% Aim Glide, Wall LatchWiki LinkTransmutable
Piercing StepDrekar HG, Sabotage UranusUncommonWarframe+18% Bullet Jum, Aim Glide, Wall Latch, +60% Puncture Damage on Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Power DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+15% Strenght, +30% Chance to Resist KnockdownWiki LinkTransmutable
ProvokedLephantis, Tier 2 SurvUncommonWarframe+110% Bleedout DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Quick ChargeConclave OfferingRareWarframe+20% Shield Recharge, -20 Shield CapWiki LinkUntransmutable
Quick ThinkingCorrupted HGRareWarframeDrainsEnergy to Stop Lethal Damage with 240% EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
RageNapalm, Chroma, MesaRareWarframeConvert 40% of Damage on Health to EnergyWiki LinkTransmutable
Rapid ResiliencePod CrewmanRareWarframe-75% Status Duration on SelfWiki LinkTransmutable
RedirectionScavanger Drone, Elite Lancer, Elite Frontier Lancer, Elite Arid Lancer, Brood Mother, Ancient Disruptor, Tar-Mutalist MOA, Juggernaut BehemothCommonWarframe+440% Shield CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
ReflectionCorrupted Ancient, Tier 1 Surv, Spy MissionsCommonWarframe+96% Damage Reflection With Channeled BlockingWiki LinkTransmutable
Reflex GuardCorrupted Moa, Tier 1 Surv, Spy MissionsRareWarframe+55% Auto Parry ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Rending TurnDrekar Eviscerator, Sabotage UranusUncommonWarframe+18% Bullet Jum, Aim Glide, Wall Latch, +60% Slash Damage on Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
RetributionShield LancerRareWarframe+60 Chance to do Electrical Damage to Melee Enemies that Strike the ShieldWiki LinkTransmutable
Rime VaultConclave OfferingRareWarframeAt Max Energy +20% Bullet Jump and +60 Frost DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Rising SkillConclave OfferingUncommonWarframe+20% Bullet Jump, -30% Shield Capacity, -20% ArmorWiki LinkUntransmutable
RushCorrupted Fusion Moa, Grineer Capture, Spy Missions, Tier 1 DUncommonWarframe+30% Sprint SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Searing LeapConclave OfferingRareWarframeAt Max Energy +20% Bullet Jump and +60 Fire DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Shock AbsorbersJackal, Shield OspreyRareWarframe+20% Damage Resistance on KnockdownWiki LinkTransmutable
Speed DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+15% Sprint Speed, Cast TimeWiki LinkTransmutable
Stealth DriftMoon TestRareWarframe+18 Enemy Radar, +12% Aim Glide, Latch TimeWiki LinkTransmutable
Steel FiberTyl Regor, Crawler, SurvivalCommonWarframe+110% ArmorWiki LinkTransmutable
StreamlineArid HG, Frontier HG, Frontier Hellioon, Frontier Lancer, Drekar Scorpion, Lancer, T3 D, Spy MissoinsRareWarframe+30 EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
StretchVay Hek, Kela De Thaym, Raptor, Lech Kril, Leech Osprey, Sapping Osprey, Shockwave MOA, Tier 3 DUncommonWarframe+45% RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Sure FootedBombard, Manic Boombard, Conclave RewardRareWarframe+60% Chance to Resist KnockdownWiki LinkTransmutable
Tactical RetreatConclave RewardRareWarframeAt Low Health +0.1 Mobility for 4sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Tempered BoundConclave OfferingUncommonWarframe-20% Bullet Jump, +20% Shield Cap, +100 ArmorWiki LinkUntransmutable
Thief's WitAnti MOA, Fusion MOA, Shield LancerCommonWarframe+45 Loot RadarWiki LinkTransmutable
Toxic FlightDreakar Balista, Sabotage UranusRareWarframe+24.2% Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Aim Glide, +275% Toxin Damage During Bullet JumpWiki LinkTransmutable
Transient FortitudeOrokin VaultRareWarframe+55% Strenght, -25% DurationWiki LinkUntransmutable
Undying WillElite Arid Lancer, Elite Frontier Lancer, Elite LancerRareWarframe+42% Bleedout ReductionWiki LinkTransmutable
Venomous RiseConclave OfferingRareWarframeAt Max Energy +20% to Bullet Jump, +10 Toxin DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
VigorNightmare MissionsNightmareWarframe+120 Shield, HealthWiki LinkTransmutable
Vital Systems BypassConclave RewardRareWarframe+1 Health/s Regen +50% Shield Recharge DelayWiki LinkUntransmutable
Kela De Thaym
Adhesive BlastAncient Disruptor, Tar-Mutalist MOARareUniqueGranades stick to the surfaceWiki LinkTransmutable
Agile AimConclave Offering, ConculystUncommonRifleIncrease movement speed by +20% while aimingWiki LinkTransmutable
Ammo DrumCrewman, MOA, Bursas, Power CarriersCommonRifle+30% Ammo MaximumWiki LinkTransmutable
Apex PredatorConclave OfferingUncommonRifle - PVPTarget visible on map for 6s if hitWiki LinkTransmutable
Argon ScopeAcolyteAcolyteRifleOn headshot +135% crit chance while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Bane of CorpusCrawlerUncommonRifle+30% Damage to CorpusWiki LinkTransmutable
Bane of GrineerScorchUncommonRifle+30% Damage to GrineerWiki LinkTransmutable
Bane of InfestedPowerfistUncommonRifle+30% Damage to InfestedWiki LinkTransmutable
Bladed RoundsAcolyteAcolyteRifleOn hit +120% crit damage while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Catalyzer LinkAcolyteAcolyteRifleOn ability cast +60% status chance while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Combustion BeamNulifier Crewman, Sniper Crewman, Comba, Scrambus, DatalystRarePrimaryEnemies killed explode dealing +600 damage shortlly after deathWiki LinkTransmutable
Comet RoundsConclave offeringUncommonRifle - PVPConverts +20% damage into impact damageWiki LinkTransmutable
Continuous MiserySprag, Ven'kra Tel, Dreakar HellionCommonRifle+100% Status DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Crash CourseEvent ModRareRifle+120% Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Critical DelayOrokin VaultCorruptedRifle+48% Crit Chance, -36% Fire Rate(2x for bows)Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Cryo RoundsShockwave MOA, Tier 3 D, Kela De Thaym, Lech Kril, Phorid Tyl Regor, Vay Hek, Spy MissionsUncommonRifle+90% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Eagle EyeCrawlerUncommonRifle+40% ZoomWiki LinkTransmutable
Fanged FusilladeEvent ModRareRifle+120% Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Fast HandsButcher, Guradsman, ManicCommonRifle+30% Reload SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
FirestormToxic Ancient, Boiler, Hive SabotageRareUniqueIncreases area-of-effect radius of the Ignis, Ogris, Penta, Tonkor, Torid, OpticorWiki LinkTransmutable
Hammer ShotNightmare MissionsNightmareRifle+60% Crit Damage +40% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Heavy CaliberOrokin VaultCorruptedRifle+165% Damage -55% AccuracyWiki LinkUntransmutable
HellfireAmbulas, Lynx Osprey, Lynx Turret, Roller, Tier 3 DUncommonRifle+90% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
High VoltageHive SabotageRareRifle+60% Eletricity Damage, +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
HushOrokin DronesCommonRifleReduce the chance the enemy will hear gunfire by +100%Wiki LinkTransmutable
Infected ClipElite Crewman, Detron Crewman, Corrupted LancerUncommonRifle+90% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Lucky ShotConclave RewardUncommonRifle - PVP+60% Flight Speed, -2% accuracyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Magazine WarpThe Sergeant, Leech Osprey, Sapping Osprey, Commander, Desert HG, WardenCommonRifle+30% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
Malignant ForceCorrupted VorRareRifle+60% Toxin Damage, +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Metal AugerMine Osprey, Mutalist Osprey, Sikula, Tier 3 D, Tier 3 Surv, Spy MissionsRareRifle+2.1 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Piercing CaliberEvent ModRareRifle+120% Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Piercing HitShockwave MOA, Spy MissionsCommonRifle+30% Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Point StrikeTech, Warden, Butcher, Guardsman, Napalm, ManicCommonRifle+150% Critical ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
RecoverConclave OfferingRareRifle - PVP+20 chance to restore ealth on killWiki LinkUntransmutable
Rifle AptitudeArid Butcher, Frontier Butcher, Flameblade UncommonRifle+15% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Rime RoundsSpy MissionsRareRifle+60 Extra Freeze Damage, +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Ripper RoundsConclave OfferingUncommonRifle - PVPConverts +20% damage into puncture damageWiki LinkUntransmutable
RuptureCharger, Electric Crawler, Juggrenaut BehemothCommonRifle+30% Impact DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Sawtooth ClipArid Seeker, Frontier Seeker, SeekerCommonRifle+30% Slash DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Serrated RoundsConclave OfferingUncommonRifle - PVPConverts +20% damage into slash damageWiki LinkUntransmutable
SerrationScorpion, Electric Crawler, Nauseous Crawler, Tier 2 D, SurvivalUncommonRifle+165% DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
ShredNightmare MissionsNightmareRifle+30% Fire Rate (2x for bows), +1,2 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Sinister ReachMine Osprey, Mutalist OspreyUncommonRifle+12 rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Speed TriggerCharger, Juggernaut BehemothUncommonRifle+60% Fire Rate (2x for Bows)Wiki LinkTransmutable
Split ChamberSragas Ruk, Leech Osprey, Sapping Osprey, Raptor, G3, DSD, Tier 3 D, Tier 1 Lares D, ExcavationRareRifle+90% MultishotWiki LinkTransmutable
StabilizerLephantis, Tier 2-3 Surv, Spy Missions, Tier 3 ExcavationRareRifle-60% Weapon RecoilWiki LinkTransmutable
StormbringerBalista, Tier 3 D, Ven'kra Tel, Sprag, Lynx, Spy MissionsUncommonRifle+90% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Terminal VelocitySprag, Ven'kra Tel, Conclave Rewards, Drekar HellionUncommonRifle+60% Flight SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Thermite RoundsSpy MisionsRareRifle+60% Extra Heat Damage, +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
TwitchConclave Offering, ConculystRareRifle+200% Holster RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vanquished PreyConclave OfferingRareRifle - PVP+20% Chance to Restore Shield on KillWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vile AccelerationOrokin VaultCorruptedRifle+90 Fire Rate (2x for bows), -15% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vile PrecisionOrokin VaultCorruptedRifle+60% Weapon Recoil, -35% Fire RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vital SensePod Crewman, Tier 2 Surv, Saturn Excavation, DSD on MarsRareRifle+120% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
WildfireNightmare MissionsNightmareRifle+20% Magazine Capacity, +60% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Harnokar ScopeKela De ThaymUncommonRifle12s of Combo DurationWiki LinkUntransmutable
Nightwatch NapalmKela De ThaymUncommonOgrisRockets Disperse Napalm Dealing +30% Damage over 6sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Accelerated BlastNightmare MissionsNightmareShotgun+60% Fire Rate +60% Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Ammo StockNapalmUncommonShotgun+60% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
BlazeNightmare MissionsNightmareShotgun+60% Damage +60% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
BlunderbussJackal, Arid Butcher, Commander, Desert Heavy Gunner, Frontier Butcher, Heavy Gunner, Warden, Lobber Crawler, Toxic Crawler, Spy MissionsCommonShotgun+90% Critical ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Bounty HunterConclave OfferingUncommonShotgun - PVPTarget visible on map for +6 seconds if hitWiki LinkUntransmutable
Breach LoaderTactical AlertsRareShotgun+120% Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Broad EyeConclave Offering, BattalystUncommonShotgunDecrease zoom by -60% during Aim GlideWiki LinkUntransmutable
Burdened MagazineOrokin VaultCorruptedShotgun+60% Magazine Capacity -18% Reload SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Charged ShellTech, Warden, T2 SurvUncommonShotgun+90% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Chilling GraspProd CremanUncommonShotgun+90% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Cleanse CorpusFlameblade, Guardsman, T2 SurvUncommonShotgun+30% Damage to CorpusWiki LinkTransmutable
Cleanse GrineerTech, Warden, T1 SurvivalUncommonShotgun+30% Damage to GrineerWiki LinkTransmutable
Cleanse InfestedLeaperUncommonShotgun+30% Damage to InfestedWiki LinkTransmutable
Contagious SpreadScavanger Drone, Electric CrawlerUncommonShotgun+90% Extra Toxin DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Crash ShotConclave OfferingUncommonShotgun - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Critical DecelerationOrokin VaultCorruptedShotgun+48 Critical Chance -36% Fire RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
DisruptorArid Eviscerator, Arid Trooper, Eviscerator, Frontier Eviscerator, Frontier Trooper, TrooperCommonShotgun+30% Impact DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Double-Barrel DriftConclave Offering, Conculyst(Sentient)RareShotgun-20% Recoil and Spread when SlidingWiki LinkUntransmutable
Fatal AccelerationInfested LeaperUncommonShotgun+40% Flight SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Flak ShotConclave OfferingUncommonShotgun - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into SlashWiki LinkUntransmutable
FlechetteAncient Disruptor, Brood Mother, Shield Lancer,Tar-Mutalist MOA CommonShotgun+30% to Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Frail MomentumOrokin VaultRareShotgun+90% Fire Rate -15% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Frigid BlastSpy Reward, Reward From Operation: Cryotic FrontRareShotgun+60% Extra Cold Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Full ContactOperation False Profit RewardRareShotgun+120% to Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Hell's ChamberThe Grustrag Three, Corpus Drone, Corpus Oxium Osprey, Grineer Regulator, Interception Wave Reward, Grineer T3 Defense Reward, Tier 3 Survival Reward, Orokin Void Container, Spy 2.0 RewardRareShotgun+120% MultishotWiki LinkTransmutable
Hydraulic ChamberConclave Mission RewardRareShotgun - PVP-60% Weapon Recoil -10% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkUntransmutable
Incendiary CoatCorpus Sniper Crewmen, Tier 1 Survival, Orokin Void ContainerUncommonShotgun+90% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Kill SwitchConclave Mission RewardRareShotgun - PVPOn Kill, +50% Reload speed for SecondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Laser SightMisery, TormentAcolyteShotgunOn HeadShot: +120% Crit Chance while aiming for secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Lingering TormentEviscerator, Trooper, Arid Eviscerator, Arid Trooper, Frontier Eviscerator, Frontier TrooperCommonShotgun+30% Status DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Loaded CapacityConclave Mission RewardCommonShotgun - PVP+30% Magazine Capacity -15% Reload SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Lock and LoadConclace Offering, BattalystRareShotgun+20% Clip Reloaded per Second when HolsteredWiki LinkUntransmutable
Loose ChamberConclave Mission RewardCommonShotgun - PVP+30% Reload Speed +50% Weapon RecoilWiki LinkUntransmutable
Momentary PauseConclave OfferingRareShotgun - PVP+20% Chance to Restore Health on KillWiki LinkUntransmutable
Nano-ApplicatorMania, MiseryAcolyteShotgunOn Ability Cast: +90% Status Chance while aiming for 9 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Narrow BarrelMalice, MiseryAcolyteShotgunOn Hit: +30% Accuracy while aiming for 9 SecondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Point BlankInfested Volatile Runner, T2 Defense, Spy RewardUncommonShotgun+90% DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Prize KillConclave OfferingRareShotgun - PVP+20% Chance to Restore Shield on KillWiki LinkUntransmutable
RavageCorpus Sniper Crewmen, Orokin Vault ContainerRareShotgun+60% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Repeater ClipAngst, MiseryAcolyteShotgunOn Reload: +105% Fire Rate while aiming for 9 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Scattering InfernoSpy RewardRareShotgun+60% Extra Heat Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Seeking ForceGrineer Power Fist, Orokin Void ContainerRareShotgun2.1 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Seeking FuryNightmare Missions, AlertsNightmareShotgun+15 Reload Speed + 1.2 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Shell CompressionJackal, Grineer Commander ,Grineer Desert Heavy Gunner,Grineer Heavy Gunner, Grineer Warden, Orokin Void ContainersUncommonShotgun30% Ammo MaximumWiki LinkTransmutable
Shell ShockTethra's Doom Reward, Operation: Mutalist Incursions Reward, Hive Sabotage Cache RewardRareShotgun+60% Extra Electricity Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Shotgun Ammo Mutation Operation Sling-Stone, Survival (Rotation C), Excavation (Rotation C), Spy MissonRareShotgunConvert unused ammo drops into Shotgun AmmoWiki LinkTransmutable
Shotgun SavvyGeneral Sargas Ruk, Grineer Drekar Heavy Gunner, Corpus Anit-Moa, Corpus Prod CrewmenUncommonShotgun+30% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Shotgun SpazzOrokin Vault Container, Shield OspreyUncommonShotgun+90% Fire RateWiki LinkTransmutable
Shrapnel ShotMisery, ViolenceAcolyteShotgunON KILL: +99% Crit Damage while aiming for 9 SecondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Shred ShotConclave OfferingUncommonShotgun - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into PunctureWiki LinkUntransmutable
ShredderCorpus Detron Crewmen, Infested Toxic AncientCommonShotgun+30% to Slash DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Snap ShotConclave Offering, ConculystUncommonShotgunIncrease movement speed by +20% while aimingWiki LinkUntransmutable
Soft HandsConclave Offering, ConculystRareShotgun+200% Holster RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Sweeping SerrationOperation Gatecrash Reward, Emergency Exit Tactical RewardRareShotgun+120% to Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Tactical PumpJackal, Grineer BombardUncommonShotgun30% Reload SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Tainted ShellOrokin VaultCorruptedShotgun-77% Spread - 66% Fire RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Toxic BarrageReward From Cicero Crisis Event, Captain VOR CorruptedRareShotgun+60% Extra Toxin Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vicious SpreadOrokin VaultCorruptedShotgun+90% Damage +60% SpreadWiki LinkUntransmutable
Formorian AccelerantKela DeThaymUncommonDrakgoonFlak Bounces up to 4 times and travels 60% FasterWiki LinkUntransmutable
Acid ShellsKela DeThaymUncommonSobek"Killed Enemis Expolde dealing 450+(60% of max HP) Corrosive DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Air ReconConclave Offering, BattalystUncommonPistolDecrease zoom bt -60% during Aim GlideWiki LinkUntransmutable
Anemic AgilityOrokin VaultCorruptedPistol+90% Fire Rate -15% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Barrel DiffusionGrustrag Three, Seeker, Dark Sector Defense, Infested T3 Defense, Interception Wave RewardRarePistol+120% MultishotWiki LinkTransmutable
Blind ShotConclave RewardRarePistol - PVP+60% Flight SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
BoreTactical AlertRarePistol+120% Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Calculated VictoryConclave OfferingRarePistol - PVP+20% Chance to restore Shield on KillWiki LinkUntransmutable
Concealed ExplosivesMine Osprey, Mutalist Osprey, SikulaRarePistol+80% Chance to ExplodeWiki LinkTransmutable
Concussion RoundsDetron Crewman, Volatile RunnerUncommonPistol+60% Impact DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
ConvulsionOxium Osprey, Frontier Regulator, Regulator, Charger, Juggernaut, Corpus T3 DefenseUncommonPistol+90% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Creeping BullseyeOrokin VaultCorruptedPistol+48% Critical Chance -36% Fire RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Deep FreezeSpy Missions, Grineer T3 Defense, Augustus-Mars Corpus T1 InterceptionUncommonPistol+90% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Eject MagazineConclave Offering, BattalystRarePistol+20% Clip Reloaded per Second when HolsteredWiki LinkUntransmutable
Embedded CatalyzerMania, MiseryAcolytePistolOn Ability Cast: +90% Status Chance while aiming for 9 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Expel CorpusOrokin Void ContainersUncommonPistol+30% Damage to CorpusWiki LinkTransmutable
Expel GrineerBombardUncommonPistol+30% Damage to GrineerWiki LinkTransmutable
Expel InfestedAncient Disruptor, Brood Mother, Tar-Mutalist MOAUncommonPistol+30% Damage to InfestedWiki LinkTransmutable
FrostbiteSpy MissionsRarePistol+60% Extra Cold Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Full CapacityConclave RewardsCommonPistol - PVP+30% Magaine Capacity -15% Reload SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
GunslingerAlad V, Captain Vor, Napalm, Scavanger DroneUncommonPistol+72% Fire RateWiki LinkTransmutable
Hawk EyeOrokin Void ContainersUncommonPistol+80% ZoomWiki LinkTransmutable
Heated ChargeAlad V, Ambulas, Captain Vor, Arid Hellion, Arid Lancer, Arid Heavy Gunner, Frontier Heavy Gunner, Frontier Hellion, Drekar Scorpion, LancerUncommonPistol+90% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Heavy WarheadConclave RewardsRarePistol - PVP+100% Explosion Radius -50% Flight SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Hollow PointOrokin VaultCorruptedPistol+60% Crit Damage -15% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Hornet StrikeArcane Boiler, Boiler, Toxic Ancient, T2 Defense, Spy Missions, Survival RewardUncommonPistol+220% DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Hydraulic BarrelConclave RewardsRarePistol-60% Weapon Recoil -10% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkUntransmutable
Hydraulic CrosshairsMisery, TormentAcolytePistolOn Headshot: +135% Crit Chance while aiming for 9 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Ice StormNightmare MissionsNightmarePistol+40% Magainze Capacity +40% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Impaler MunitionsConclave OfferingUncommonPistol - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
JoltHive Sabotage Cache RewardRarePistol+60% Extra Electricity Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Lethal MomentumTyl RegorUncommonPistol+40% Flight SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Lethal TorrentNightmare Missions, AlertsNightmarePistol+60% Fire Rate +60% MultishotWiki LinkTransmutable
Loose MagazineConclave RewardsCommonPistol - PVP+50% Reload Speed +50% Weapon RecoilWiki LinkUntransmutable
Magnum ForceOrokin VaultCorruptedPistol+66% Damage -33% AccuracyWiki LinkUntransmutable
MaimTactical AlertUncommonPistol+120% Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Meteor MunitionsConclave OfferingUncommonPistol - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Night StalkerConclave OfferingUncommonPistol - PVPTarget visible on map for +6 seconds if hitWiki LinkUntransmutable
No ReturnCrewman, Elite Crewman, Power Carrier, Spy MissionsUncommonPistol+60% Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Pathogen RoundsAnti MOA, Hive Sabotage Cache RewardUncommonPistol+90% Extra Toxin DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Perpetual AgonyArid Butcher, Frontier ButchercommonPistol+30% Status DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Pistol Ammo MutationSurvival, ExcavationRarePistolConverts used ammo drops into pistol ammoWiki LinkTransmutable
Pistol GambitProd Crewman, Arid Eviscerator, Arid Trooper, Eviscerator, Frontier Eviscerator, Frontier Trooper, TrooperCommonPistol+120% Critical ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Pistol PestilenceCorrupted VorRarePistol+60% Extra Toxin Damage, +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Pressurized MagazineAcolyteAcolytePistolOn reload +90% fire rate while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
PummelEvent ModRarePistol+120% impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
QuickdrawAad V, Vor, Elite Arid Lancer, Elite Frontier Lancer, Elite Lancer, Crawler, Nauseous CrawlerCommonPistol+48% Reload SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Razor MunitionsConclave OfferingUncommonPistol - PVPConverts 20% Damage to Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Razor ShotElite Arid Lancer, Elite Frontier Lancer, Elite LancerUncommonPistol+60% Slash DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
RecuperateConclave OfferingRarePistol - PVP+20% Chance to restore Health on KillWiki LinkUntransmutable
Reflex DrawConclave Offering, ConculystRarePistol+200% Holster RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Ruinous ExtensionJackalUncommonPistol+8 RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Scorch (Mod)Spy MissionsRarePistol+60% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Secondary WindConclave RewardRarePistol - PVPOn Kill +5 Health Regen for 10sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Seeker (Mod)Ancient HealerRarePistol+2,1 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Sharpened BulletsAcolyteAcolytePistolOn kill +75% crit damage while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Slip MagazineAlad V, Vor, Commander, Desert HG, HG, Warden, Toxic AncientUncommonPistol+30 % Magazine CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
Spry SightsConclave Offering, ConculystCommonPistolIncreased movement speed by +20% while aimingWiki LinkUntransmutable
Steady HandsCorrupted Crewman, Spy Missions, Tier 3 SurvRarePistol-60% Weapon RecoilWiki LinkTransmutable
Strafing SlideConclave Offering, BattalystRarePistol-20% Recoil and Spread when SlidingWiki LinkUntransmutable
Stunning SpeedNightmare MissionsNightmarePistol+40% Reload Speed, +10% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
SuppressCorrupted CrewmanCommonPistolReduce th chance the enemy will hear gunfire by +100%Wiki LinkTransmutable
Sure ShotScorch, Electric CrawlerUncommonPistol+15% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Tainted ClipOrokin VauktCorruptedPistol+60% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkUntransmutable
Target CrackerPowerfist, Tier 2 DUncommonPistol+60% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Targeting SubsystemAcolyteAcolytePistolOm hit +30% Accuracy while aiming for 9sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Trick MagLynx Osprey, Railgun MOA, Shield Osprey, Shockwave MOA, Flameblade, Guardsman, Roller, Lobber Crawler, Toxic CrawlerCommonPistol+90% Ammo CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
Auger StrikeTactical AlertsRareMelee+120% Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
BerserkerCorrupted Ancient, Infested Chrome, Infested MesaRareMelee+30% Attack Speed Bonus For +24 Seconds on Critical HitWiki LinkTransmutable
Blood RushMisery, TormentAcolyteMelee+165% Critical Chance stacks with Combo MultiplierWiki LinkUntransmutable
Body CountAngst, MiseryAcolyteMeleeIncrease Combo Duration by +12 secsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Buzz KillTactical AlertsRareMelee+120% Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Collision ForceTactical AlertsRareMelee+120% Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Corrupt ChargeOrokin VaultCorruptedMelee+100% Channeling Damage -40% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkUntransmutable
CounterweightConclave OfferingUncommonMelee - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Covert LethalitySpy RewardRareMelee+100 Extra damage on melee attacks, or Lethal Damage if undetected. Wiki LinkTransmutable
Enduring StrikeDark Sector Defense, Dark Sector SurvivalCommonMelee+60% Status Chance -40% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
Energy ChannelVay Hek, Kela de Thaym, Lech Kril, Phorid, Stalker, MOA, SeekerRareMeleeConvert +200% of Energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +200 Bonus DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Explosive DemiseConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPEnemies killed explode, dealing +300 damage shortly after deathWiki LinkUntransmutable
Fever StrikeArid Butcher, Frontier ButcherUncommonMelee+90% Extra Toxin DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Finishing TouchCorrupted Butcher, Corrupted Lancer, T2 SurvUncommonMelee+60% Finisher DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Focus EnergyNigtmare MissionsNightmareMelee+40% Channeling efficiency +60% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Focused DefenseMalice, MiseryAcolyteMelee+20% Armor but -140% Channeling Efficiency while channelingWiki LinkUntransmutable
FuryCrewman, Drone, Power Carrier, Frontier RegulatorUncommonMelee+30% Attack SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
HeartseekerConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPLock ontop targets within +4m, but reduces blocking effectivenessWiki LinkUntransmutable
Heavy TraumaArid Lancer, Desert Heavy Gunner, Frontier Heavy Gunner, Frontier Hellion, Frontier Lancer, Lancer, Drekar ScorpionRareMelee+90% Impact DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Impenetrable OffenseConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPAt Max Energy, +40% Damage BlockWiki LinkUntransmutable
Jagged EdgeElite CrewmanRareMelee+90% Slash DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Killing BlowKela De Thaym, Lech Kril, Vay Hak, Phorid, Stalker, Arid Seeker, Frontier Seeker, T2 SurvUncommonMelee+120% Channeling DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Lasting StingAncient Disruptor, Brood Mother, Tar-Mutalist MOAcommonMelee+110% Status DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Life StrikeDrover Bursa, Dark Sector RewardRareMelee+20% Life Steal -140% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
Maiming StrikeMisery, ViolenceAcolyteMeleeSlide Attack has +90% chance to be a Critical HitWiki LinkUntransmutable
Martial FuryConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPWith melee equipped, attack speed increases +20% on hit for 3 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Melee ProwessSargas Ruk, Detron Crewman, Crewman, Drone, Eviscerator, Trooper, Regulator, Drekar Heavy GunnerCommonMelee+15% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Molten ImpactAmbulas, Kela De Thaym, Lech Kril, Vay Hek, Phorid, Stalker, Isolator Bursa, Infested T3 Defense, Once Awake QuestUncommonMelee+90% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Mortal ConductConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPAt Low Health, +60% Channeled Damage Reflection for 8 secondsWiki LinkUntransmutable
North WindHyena Pack, Drover Bursa, MOA, Arid Butcher, Butcher, Frontier Butcher, Guardsman, Manic, Grineer T3 DefenseUncommonMelee+90% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Organ ShatterRaptor, Lynx, Ven'kra Tel, Sprag, Ballista, Toxic AncientCommonMelee+90% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
ParryLephantis, T1 Surv, Spy MissionCommonMelee+96% Counter ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Power ThrowCorrupted Butcher, Corrupted Lancer, T3 Surv, Dark Sector Survival, Spy MissionRareMelee+0.6 Punch ThroughWiki LinkTransmutable
Pressure PointAmbulas, Sargas Ruk, J3-Golem, Lephantis, Mine Osprey, Butcher, Desert Heavy Gunner, Frontier Hellion, Frontier Lancer, Lancer, Manic, Drekar Scorpion, Drekar Heavy Gunner, Toxic CrawlerCommonMelee+120% Melee DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Quick ReturnLephantis, Corrupted CrewmanCommonMelee-4 BounceWiki LinkTransmutable
QuickeningDark Sector Defense, Dark Sector SurvivalRareMelee+20% Attack Speed -80% Channeling efficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
ReachCrewman, Power Carrier, Raptor, Volatile RunnerCommonMelee+60% RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
ReboundLephantisCommonMelee+4 BounceWiki LinkTransmutable
Reflex CoilRaptor, The Sergeant, Arid Butcher, Butcher, Frontier Butcher, Manic, T1 SurvUncommonMelee+60% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
Relentless AssaultConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVP+20% Fire Rate -50% Damage BlockWiki LinkUntransmutable
Rending StrikeNightmare MissionsNightmareMelee+60% Slash Damage +80% Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Seismic WaveKela De ThaymUncommonMeleeIncreases Ground Slam Damage +200% Melee Slam DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Serrated EdgesConclave OfferingUncommonMelee - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Puncture DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Sharpened BladeConclave OfferingUncommonMelee - PVPConverts +20% of Damage into Slash DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Shattering ImpactDrekar ButcherCommonMeleeImpact damage from melee reduces enemy armor by +1Wiki LinkTransmutable
Shocking TouchThe Sergeant, Tyl Regor, Danial Bursa, Arid Eviscerator, Arid Trooper, Eviscerator, Frontier Eviscerator, Frontier Trooper, TrooperUncommonMelee+60% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Smite CorpusFusion MOAUncommonMelee+30% Damage to CorpusWiki LinkTransmutable
Smite GrineerMOA, Isolator Bursa, Drover Bursa, Denial Bursa, Butcher, GuardsmanUncommonMelee+30% Damage to GrineerWiki LinkTransmutable
Smite InfestedShield LancerUncommonMelee+30% Damage to InfestedWiki LinkTransmutable
Spoiled StrikeOrokin VaultCorruptedMelee+100% Damage -20% Attack SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Stand GroundConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPBlocking reduces damage taken from enemy abilities by +60%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sundering StrikeVolatile Runner, T3 SurvRareMelee+90% Puncture DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Sword AloneConclave OfferingRareMelee - PVPWith melee equipped +0.1 mobilityWiki LinkUntransmutable
True PunishmentDark Sector Defense, Dark Sector Survival, Dark Sector ExcavationCommonMelee+40% Critical Chance -60% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
True SteelHyena Pack, Tyl Regor, Lynx, Scavenger Drone, Shield Osprey, Bombard, RollerCommonMelee+60% Critical ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Virulent ScourgeCorrupted VorRareMelee+60% Extra Toxin Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Volcanic EdgeSpy RewardRareMelee+60% Extra Heat Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vicious FrostSpy RewardRareMelee+60% Extra Freeze Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Voltaic StrikeHive Cache RewardRareMelee+60% Extra Electricity Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Weeping WoundsMania, MiseryAcolyteMelee+45% Status Chance stacks with Combo MultiplierWiki LinkUntransmutable
WhirlwindCorrupted Bombard, Corrupted Heavy Gunner, Corrupted NullifierRareMeleeWiki LinkTransmutable
Electromagnetic ShieldingKela De ThaymUncommonAck&BruntWhile Blocking Redirect 50% of Damage from AlliesWiki LinkUntransmutable
Hunters BonesawKela De ThaymUncommonRipkas+90% Damage +60% Status on Prone EnemiesWiki LinkUntransmutable
Rift StrikeKela De ThaymUncommonTwin BasolkCharge Attack +25mWiki LinkUntransmutable
Vulcan BlitzKela De ThaymUncommonJat KittagKilled Enemies Explode Dealing 300+(60% Max HP) Blast DAmageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Animal InstinctNightmare MissionsNightmareAny Companion+30 Loot Radar, +18 Enemy RadarWiki LinkTransmutable
Arc CoilGranted after craftingCommonDirigaSentinel will zap multiple enemies within rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Calculated shotGranted after craftingCommonDirigaSentinel charges a powerful shot and fires at the first enemy in sightWiki LinkTransmutable
Coolant LeakOrokin DroneRareAny SentinelSentinel has a small freeze aura, slowing incomming enemiesWiki LinkTransmutable
Crowd DispersionLeech Osprey, Sapping OspreyCommonWyrmUnleashes radial stun damage when multiple enemies are nearbyWiki LinkTransmutable
Detect VulnerabilityCephalon Simaris OfferingRareHeliosUpon completing research on an enemy, subsequent scans will reveal their weak pointsWiki LinkUntransmutable
Electro PulseGranted after craftingCommonDirigaSentinel coninually zaps a nearby enemy, trapping them in a stunned stateWiki LinkTransmutable
Fast Deflection (Sentinel)Seeker, Toxic AncientUncommonAny Sentinel+90% Shield RechargeWiki LinkTransmutable
Fatal AttractionCorrupted MOACommonDjinnDraw your enemies closeWiki LinkTransmutable
Fired UpCorrupted Crewman, Orokin DroneRareAny Sentinel+60% Max Overheat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
GhostVolatile RunnerCommonShadeCloaks owner when enemies are close. The cloak is disrupted if owner attacksWiki LinkTransmutable
GuardianOrokin DroneCommonAny SentinelBoosts owner's shield when it runs outWiki LinkTransmutable
InvestigatorGranted after craftingCommonHeliosAllows the Helios to scan objects and enemies it encounters. This consumes codes scanner chargesWiki LinkTransmutable
Redirection (Sentinel)Powerfist, ChargerCommonAny Sentinel+275% Shield CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
RegenLancer, Charger, Juggernaut BehemothCommonAny SentinelIf Sentinel is killed he will regenerate onceWiki LinkTransmutable
RevengeMOA, Isolator Bursa, Drover Bursa, Denial Bursa, Elite Lancer, Elite Frontier LancerCommonShadeSentinel will not attack an enemy unless that enemy has attacked the Sentinel's masterWiki LinkTransmutable
SanctuaryBombard, Manic BombardRareAny SentinelCreates a shield around the player when they are reviving fallen alliesWiki LinkTransmutable
Self DestructFusion MOARareAny Sentinel+600% Explosion Damage +18 Explosion RadiusWiki LinkTransmutable
Spare PartsLephantis, Corrupted Heavy Gunner, T2 SurvUncommonAny Sentinel+45% Rare Item Drop Chance On DeathWiki LinkTransmutable
Steel Fiber (Sentinel)Prod CrewmanCommonAny Sentinel+110% ArmorWiki LinkTransmutable
StrikerCorrupted MOACommonCarrierCarrier will attack first visible enemy in rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Swift DethScorch, LeaperCommonDethcubeSentinel will attack first visible enemy in rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Targeting ReceptorGranted after craftingCommonHeliosCauses the Helios Sentinel to attack the first taget it seesWiki LinkTransmutable
ThumperCorrupted LancerCommonDjinnDjinn will attack first visible enemy in rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
VacuumCorrupted LancerCommonCarrierDetects and collects items throughout the room for its master, including modsWiki LinkTransmutable
VaporizeFusion MOA, PowerfistCommonDethcubeSentinel will deal high damage to an enemy that gets too closeWiki LinkTransmutable
Vitality (Sentinel)Anti MOA, Fusion MOA, Napalm, RollerCommonAny Sentinel+220% HealthWiki LinkTransmutable
WarriorSniper CrewmanCommonWyrmSentinel will attack first visible enemy in rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Medi-RayKela De ThaymUncommonAny SentinelRestores 12% HP Over 4sWiki LinkUntransmutable
BiteFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareAny Kubrow+330% Crit Chance, +220% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
DigFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareSahasaSniffs out Buried Objects and digs Them Out 270% Success ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Fast DeflectionFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny KubrowShield Recharge +90%Wiki LinkTransmutable
FerocityFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareSahasaAllows Finishers +120% Finisher DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
HowlFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareRaksaStrikes Fear into EnemiesWiki LinkTransmutable
HuntFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareHurasCharges Ahead to Attack an EnemyWiki LinkTransmutable
Link ArmorFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny Kubrow+110% Armor-LinkWiki LinkTransmutable
Link HealthFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny Kubrow+165% Health-LinkWiki LinkTransmutable
Link ShieldsFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny Kubrow+110% Shield-LinkWiki LinkTransmutable
Loyal CompanionFeral Kubrow, DrahkCommonAny Kubrow+90% Bleedout-LinkWiki LinkTransmutable
MaulFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny Kubrow+330% Melee DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
NeutralizeFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareChesaDisarms an enemyWiki LinkTransmutable
Pack LeaderFeral Kubrow, DrahkCommonAny Kubrow36% Lifesteal-LinkWiki LinkTransmutable
ProtectFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareRaksaReplenishess Master's ShieldsWiki LinkTransmutable
RetrieveFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareChesaPicks up LootWiki LinkTransmutable
SavageryFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareSunikaAllows Finishers +120% Finisher DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
ShelterFeral Kubrow, DrahkUncommonAny KubrowCreates a Shield Around it's Master When They are Reviving Fallen AlliesWiki LinkTransmutable
ScavengeFeral Kubrow, DrahkCommonAny Kubrow+90% to Open a Locked LockerWiki LinkTransmutable
StalkFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareHurasCloaks Itself and it's MasterWiki LinkTransmutable
UnleashedFeral Kubrow, DrahkRareSunikaGrapples a VIP Target Forcing Them to the GroundWiki LinkTransmutable
Cat's EyeFeral Kavat, HyekaRareAdarzaIncreases Crit Chance to nearby TennoWiki LinkTransmutable
ReflectFeral Kavat, HyekaRareAdarzaReflects And Amplyfies damage Back to EnemiesWiki LinkTransmutable
CharmFeral Kavat, HyekaRareSmeetaBestows it's owner with good fortuneWiki LinkTransmutable
MischiefFeral Kavat, HyekaRareSmeetaBecomes invisible and creates a decoyWiki LinkTransmutable
PounceFeral Kavat, HyekaUncommonAny KavatPounces and stuns an enemy for a short durationWiki LinkTransmutable
Sense DangerFeral Kavat, HyekaUncommonAny KavatAlets it's master of nearby enemiesWiki LinkTransmutable
Sharpened ClawsFeral Kavat, HyekaUncommonAny KavatA vicious attack that sunders armour and rends fleshWiki LinkTransmutable
SwipeFeral Kavat, HyekaUncommonAny KavatAttacks +4 enemies and gains +2m attack rangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Territorial AgressionFeral Kavat, HyekaUncommonAny KavatKavat Marks it's Territory, pacifying any wild creature withinWiki LinkTransmutable
Corrosive ProjectionAlertUncommonAuraReduces Enemy Armor by 30%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Dead EyeAlertUncommonAuraIncreasess Sinper Damage +35%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Energy SiphonAlertUncommonAuraTeam Energy Regen +0.6 Power RateWiki LinkUntransmutable
Enemy RadarAlertUncommonAura+30 Enemy RadarWiki LinkUntransmutable
Infested ImpedanceAlertUncommonAuraReducess Speed of Infested by 18%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Loot DetectorAlertUncommonAura+30 Loot RadarWiki LinkUntransmutable
PhysiqueAlertUncommonAuraMaximum Health Increased +18%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Pistol ScavengerAlertUncommonAuraIncreased Pistol Ammor Recovery +150%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
RejuvenationAlertUncommonAuraTeam Health Regen +3Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Rifle AmpAlertUncommonAuraRifle Weapon Damage Increased +27%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Rifle ScavengerAlertUncommonAuraIncreased Rifle Ammor Recovery +150%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shield DisruptionAlertUncommonAuraEnemy Shields Reduced -24%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shotgun ScavengerAlertUncommonAuraIncreased Shotgun Ammor Recovery +150%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sniper ScavengerAlertUncommonAuraIncreased Sniper Ammor Recovery +150%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Speed HolsterAlertUncommonAuraWeapon Holstering and Unholstering Increased +80%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sprint BoostAlertUncommonAuraSprint Speed Increased +10%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Steel ChargeAlertUncommonAuraMelee Weapon Damage Increased +60%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Astral TwilightDenial BursaRareGlaivesOrbiting slashes and lashing strikesWiki LinkUntransmutable
Atlantis VulcanGaurdsmanRareNunchakuRapid strikes, Deceptive movements.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Bleeding WillowCorrupted MOARarePolearmsA blend of strong and rapid strikes with leaping combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Blind JusticeStalkerUncommonNikanasReverse grip style emphasizing slashing and impaling strikesWiki LinkTransmutable
Brutal TideBoiler, Toxic AncientRareSparringRound-house attacks and leaping fistsWiki LinkTransmutable
Burning WaspRegulator, Corrupted LancerUncommonWhipsChaining combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Clashing ForestCorrupted AncientUncommonStavesArcing strikes and focused combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Cleaving WhirlwindAncient Disruptor, Tar-Mutalist MoaRareHeavy Sword/AxesArcing cuts with spinning finish.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Coiling ViperCorrupted CrewmanRareWhipsPowerful arcing strikes with energetic flips.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Crimson DervishBombardRareSwordsStrong whirlwind attacksWiki LinkTransmutable
Crossing SnakesElite LancerRareDual SwordsMulti-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Crushing RuinArid Seeker, Frontier Seeker, Drekar Seeker, SeekerRareHammersArial attacks with crowd control combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Decisive JudgementWarden, Heavy Gunner, Infested Mesa, Infested ChromaRareNikanasFierce, double-handed strikesWiki LinkTransmutable
Defiled SnapdragonScorpionRareBlade and WhipSudden lashes, lethal slashes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Eleventh StormLephantisUncommonSword and ShieldRapid attacksWiki LinkTransmutable
Final HarbingerDrekar ManicUncommonSword and ShieldPowerful slashes and shield attacks.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Flailing BranchCorrupted Heavy Gunner, Corrupted Bombard, Corrupted NullifierRareStavesLifting Strikes and whirlwind combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Four RidersManicRareClawsFast strikes, powerful slams.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Fracturing WindCharger, Juggernaut BehemothUncommonFistsFast attacks and high finishing attack damage.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Gaia's TragedyComba, Scrambus, DatalystRareFistsMethodical blows thrown with great force.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Gemini CrossCorrupted MOA, Excavation RewardUncommonTonfasA style exhibiting sweeping slash attacks and swift jabs.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Gleaming TalonLeech Osprey, Sapping OspreyRareGlaivesFast arcing strikes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Gnashing PayaraElite CrewmanRareDual DaggersLunging punctures with impaling spirals.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Grim FuryPowerfistUncommonSparringLightning fast hit chains and hard hitting combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
High NoonBrood MotherRareGunbladeBullets spray between wicked slash attacks.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Homing FangNauseous CrawlerUncommonDaggersFast strikes, many hits.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Iron PhoenixFrontier Heavy Gunner, Frontier Hellion, Scorpion, LacerRareSwordsFast cutting attacks with punctures finish.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Malicious RaptorPowerfistRareClawsPuncturing strikes and quick slashes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Pointed WindShockwave MOARareDaggersSpiral strikes, lifting combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Reaping SpiralCrewman, Power Carrier (excavation)UncommonScythesFar flung attacks and multi-hit combosWiki LinkTransmutable
Rending CraneNapalmUncommonHeavy Sword/AxesDownward cuts with an impact combo.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Seismic PalmLeaperRareFistsMethodical strikes with reaching combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Shattering StormSargas RukUncommonHammersMethodical strikes and high impact combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Sinking TalonDetron CrewmanUncommonDual DaggersStrong, focused attacks with multi-hit spins.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Stalking FanSniper Crewman, Nullifier Crewman, Scrambus, CombaRareScythesLunging spirals and shattering combos.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Shimmering BlightArid Seeker, Frontier Seeker, SeekerUncommonPolearmsFast spinning attacks and staggering strikes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Sundering WeaveArid Eviscerator, Frontier Eviscerator, Eviscerator, Arid Trooper, Frontier Trooper, TrooperUncommonMachetesSteady chopping strikes with focused damage.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Swirling TigerAnti MOA, Tech, Warden, ScorchUncommonDual SwordsFanning, multi-hit strikes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Tempo RoyaleIsolator BursaRareHeavy Sword/AxesSweeping strikes and twisting slashesWiki LinkUntransmutable
Tranquil CleaveArid Butcher, Frontier ButcherRareNikanasPowerful arcs with frenzied combo.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Vengeful RevenantConculyst (sentinient)RareSwordsHate... Dread... Despair...Wiki LinkTransmutable
Vermilion StormManic Bombard, Drekar Manic Bombard, Conclave weekly challangesRareClawsKicks woven between spinning slashes.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Vulpine MaskManic Bombard, Drekar Manic Bombard, Comba, Scrambus, DatalystRareRapiersSwift cuts, lancing stikes.Wiki LinkTransmutable
Argon PlatingCarrier, DregCommonArchwing+90% ArmorWiki LinkTransmutable
Auxiliary PowerShield Dargyn, Archwing InterceptionUncommonArchwing+90% Power MaxWiki LinkTransmutable
Efficient TransferralAttack Drone, Dargyn, Archwing InterceptionRareArchwing+30% Power DurationWiki LinkTransmutable
Energy AmplifierLancer Dreg, Shield-Hellion DargynUncommonArchwing+60% Power RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
Energy InversionShield Dargyn, Archwing InterceptionCommonArchwing+120% Shield CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
Enhanced DurabilityGox, Corvette, Zeplen, Archwing InterceptionUncommonArchwing+150% HealthWiki LinkTransmutable
Hyperion ThrustersLocust DroneRareArchwing+27.5% Sprint SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Morphic TransformerTemporal Dreg, Corpus Archwing Exterminate, Grineer Archwing InterceptionRareArchwing+20% Power StrengthWiki LinkTransmutable
Superior DefensesCorvette, Gox, Corpus Archwing Exterminate, Archwing InterceptionUncommonArchwing+100% Shield RechargeWiki LinkTransmutable
System RerouteHellion Dargyn, Ogma, Salacia-Neptune Defense Rotation B RewardRareArchwing+55% Power EfficiencyWiki LinkTransmutable
Automatic TriggerCarrier, Corpus Archwing Exterminate, Corpus Archwing SabotageRareArch-Gun+45% Fire RateWiki LinkTransmutable
Combustion RoundsDregUncommonArch-Gun+120% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Dual RoundsOgma, Shield-Hellion Dargyn, Caelus-Uranus Interception RewardRareArch-Gun+30% MultishotWiki LinkTransmutable
Electrified BarrelLacer Dreg, Archwing InterceptionUncommonArch-Gun+120% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Hollowed BulletsRanger, Quanta Ranger, Penta Ranger, Frigate, Caelus-Uranus Interception RewardRareArch-Gun+60% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Magazine ExtensionAttack Drone, DargynCommonArch-Gun+60% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkTransmutable
Magma ChamberEvent ModRareArch-Gun+60% Extra Heat Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Modified MunitionsDargyn, ZeplenUncommonArch-Gun+60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Parallax ScopeFrigate, Penta Ranger, Quanta Ranger, Ranger, Dreg, Temporal DregCommonArch-Gun+80% Critical ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Polar MagazineTemporal Dreg, Corpus Archwing Exterminate, Corpus Archwing Mobile DefenseUncommonArch-Gun+120% Extra Cold DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Rubedo-Lined BarrelLocust Drone, Hellion Dargyn, Archwing Interception RewardUncommonArch-Gun+60% DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Shell RushCorpus Archwing Exterminate RewardUncommonArch-Gun+50% Charge RateWiki LinkTransmutable
Venomous ClipCarrier, Lancer Dreg, Archwing Interception RewardUncommonArch-Gun+120% Extra Toxin DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Zodiac ShredArchwing Mobile Defense, Archwing SbotageRareArch-Gun+90% Slash DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Quassar DrillArchwing Mobile Defense, Archwing SbotageRareArch-Gun+90% Puncure DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Comet BlastArchwing Mobile Defense, Archwing SbotageRareArch-Gun+90% Impact DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Blazing SteelShield-Hellion Dargyn, Archwing Interception RewardUncommonArch-Melee+120% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Bleeding EdgeDargyn, Shield-Hellion DargynCommonArch-Melee+110% Crit DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Cutting EdgeFrigate, Penta Ranger, Quanta Ranger, Ranger, Dreg, OgmaCommonArch-Melee+60% Melee DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
ExtendAttack Drone, Hellion Dargyn, Lancer Dreg, Temporal Dreg, Achwing Sabotage RewardCommonArch-Melee+80% RangeWiki LinkTransmutable
FurorCarrier, Corvette, Gox, Shield DargynUncommonArch-Melee+10% Attack SpeedWiki LinkTransmutable
Galvanized BladeShield Dargyn, Archwing Sabotage and Interception RewardUncommonArch-Melee+120% Extra Electricity DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Glacial EdgeDargyn, Archwing Sabotage RewardUncommonArch-Melee+120% Extra Freeze DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Poisonous StingOgma, Archwing Interception RewardUncommonArch-Melee+120% Extra Toxin DamageWiki LinkTransmutable
Searing SteelEvent ModRareArch-Melee+60% Extra Heat Damage +60% Status ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Sudden ImpactLocust Drone, Hellion DargynCommonArch-Melee+60% Status ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Tempered BladeRanger, Quanta Ranger, Penta Ranger, Frigate, Atchwing Sabotage and Interception RewardCommonArch-Melee+150% Critical ChanceWiki LinkTransmutable
Eroding BlightRed Veil OfferingRareEmbolist+200% Magazine Capacity +1 'Blight'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Gleaming BlightRed Veil OfferingRareDark Dagger+100% Status Chance +1 'Blight'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Toxic BlightRed Veil OfferingRareMire+100% Extra Toxin Damage +1 'Blight'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Entropy BurstCephalon Suda OfferingRareSupra+20% Base Status Chance +1 'Entropy'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Entropy FlightCephalon Suda OfferingRareKestrel+140% Flight Speed +1 'Entropy'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Entropy SpikeCephalon Suda OfferingRareBolto+20%Chance to Explode +1 'Entropy'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Justice BladesSteel Meridian OfferingRareDual Cleavers+100% Melee Damage +1 'Justice'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Scattered JusticeSteel Meridian OfferingRareHek+200% Multishot +1 'Justice'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shattering JusticeSteel Meridian OfferingRareSobek+20% Base Status Chance +1 'Justice'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Bright PurityNew Loka OfferingRareSkana+100% Melee Damage +1 'Purity'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Lasting PurityNew Loka OfferingRareVulkar+60% Dead Aim +1 'Purity'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Winds of PurityNew Loka OfferingRareFuris+0.2% Life Steal +1 'Purity'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Deadly SequenceThe Perrin Sequence OfferingRareGrinlok+200% Critical Chance +1 'Squence'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sequence BurnThe Perrin Sequence OfferingRareSpectra+20% Range +1 'Squence'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Toxic SequenceThe Perrin Sequence OfferingRareAcrid+200% Status Duration +1 'Squence'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Blade of TruthArbiters of Hexis OfferingRareJaw Sword+100% Melee Damage +1 'Truth'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Gilded TruthArbiters of Hexis OfferingRareBurston Prime+80% Fire Rate +1 'Truth'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Stinging TruthArbiters of Hexis OfferingRareViper+40% Magazine Capacity +1 'Truth'Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Seeking ShurikenAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareAshShuriken Augment - Hits exposed weaknesses on enemies, ruding their armor by 70& for 8 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Smoke ShadowAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareAshSmoke Screen Augment - Conceals Allies for 8 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Rising StormAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareAshBlade Storm Augment - Melee miltiplier lasts 100% longer before it resets.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Tectonic FractureSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareAtlasTectonics Augment - Create up to 3 walls with 100% health. Walls can no longer be turned into boulders.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Ore GazeSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareAtlasPetrify Augment - Petrified enemies are scanned into the codex and have a 50% chance to drops additional loot when killed.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Titanic RumblerSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareAtlasRumblers Augment - Create a single rumbler with 150% health, 135% damage and 65% speed that taunts nearby enemies into attacking it.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sonic FractureCephalon Suda, The Perrin SequenceRareBansheeSonic Boom Augment - Enemy armor is reduced by 70% for 8 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
ResonanceCephalon Suda, The Perrin SequenceRareBansheeSonar Augment - Killing an enemy by shooting the weak spot will trigger another Sonar for 100% of remaining durationWiki LinkUntransmutable
Savage SilenceCephalon Suda, The Perrin SequenceRareBansheeSilence Augment - Finisher damage is increased by 300% while Silence is active.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
AfterburnCephalon Suda, The Perrin Sequence, Conclave OfferingRareChroma - PVE, PVPSpectral Scream Augment - Upon deactivatio, Chroma will launch an elemental projectile dealing 100 damage for each second the ability was active, to a max of 500 damage.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Vexing RetaliationCephalon Suda, The Perrin SequenceRareChromaVex Armor Augment - Taking 150 damage will trigger a 9m burst. Shield damage will cause a puncture proc while health damage will cause a blast proc.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Fireball FrenzySteel Meridian, Red VeilRareEmberFireball Augment - Casting on allies will add 100% Fire damage to their attacks for 40 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Purifying FlamesConclave OfferingRareEmber - PVPFire Blast Augment - Allies that enter the fire will have up to 4 debuffs removed.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Fire FrightSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareEmberFire Blast Augment - Damage done by Fire Blast has a 100% chance to cause enemies to panic.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
FirequakeSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareEmberWorld on Fire Augment - Emenies hit have a 100% chance of being knocked down.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
DualityNew Loka, Arbiters of HexisRareEquinoxMetamophosis Augment - Equinox's other half breaks free for 7 seconds, dealing 300% damage.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Calm & FrenzyNew Loka, Arbiters of HexisRareEquinoxRest & Rage Augment - Killing an affected enemy causes the effect to spread to enemies withing 5 meters for 100% of the remaining duration.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Peaceful ProvocationNew Loka, Arbiters of HexisRareEquinoxPacify & Provoke Augment - Pacify converts damage done to allies into an aura that slows enemies by 40%. Provoke converts damage done to enemies into 15% extra Power Strength.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Surging DashSteel Meridian, Aribiters of HexisRareExcaliburSlash Dash Augment - Each enemy hit during Slash Dash further increases your melee counter by 4,Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Radiant FinishSteel Meridian, Aribiters of HexisRareExcaliburRadial Blind Augment - Blinded enemies take 300% more finisher damage.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Furious JavelinSteel Meridian, Aribiters of HexisRareExcaliburRadial Javelin Augment - Each enemy hitwill increase Excalibur's melee samage by 5% for 12 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Purging SlashConclave OfferingRareExcalibur - PVPSlash Dash Augment - Allies in the path of Slash Dash have 4 debuffs removed 100 shield restored.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Signal FlareConclave OfferingRareExcalibur - PVPRadial Blind Augment - Enemies blinded are marked on the minimap for 12 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Freeze ForceSteel Meridian, Cephalon SudaRareFrostFreeze Augment - Casting on allies will add 100% Cold damage to their attacks for 40 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Ice Wave ImpedanceSteel Meridian, Cephalon Suda, Conclave OfferingRareFrost - PVE,PVPIce Wave Augment - Leaves a frozen trail for 12 seconds, that will slow down enemies that come into contact with it.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Chilling GlobeSteel Meridian, Cephalon SudaRareFrostChilling Glove Augment - Enemies that enter have a 50% chance to become frozen solid for 8 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Tidal ImpunityCephalon Suda, New LokaRareHydroidTidal Surge Augment - Clears status effects and grants 6 seconds of proc immunity for yourself and allies that come in contact with it.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Curative UndertowCephalon Suda, New LokaRareHydroidUndertow Augment - Allies can enter the pool to regain 30% health every 1.5 seconds, with each ally in the pool increasing energy drain on Hydroid.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Pilfering SwarmCephalon Suda, New LokaRareHydroidTentacle Swarm Augment - Enemies killed by tentavles have a 100% chance at additional drops.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
HavenAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareLimboBanish Augment - Allies banished to the rift will have 25% of their max health restored.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Rift TorrentAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareLimboRift Surge Augment - Damage multiplier is increased by 20% for each enemy in the rift.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Cataclysmic ContinuumAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareLimboCataclysm Augment - Duration increased by 1s for each enemy killed.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Hushed InvisibilityAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareLokiInvisibility Augmenty - Weapon noise is reduced by 100% while invisible.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Safeguard SwitchAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareLokiSwitch Teleport Augment - After teleporting with an ally they will be invulnerable for 6 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Irradiating DisarmAribiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareLokiRadial Disarm Augment - Enemies will be affected by Radiation for 9 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Greedy PullThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareMagPull Augment - Adds 100% chance to pull pickups towards Mag.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shield TransferenceThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareMagShield Polarize Augment - Mag gains 50% overshields from depleted enemy shields.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Fracturing CrushThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareMagCrush Augment - Survivors have their armor decreased by 50% and become unable to move for 7 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Sapping ReachConclave OfferingRareMag - PVPPull Augment - Steals up to 25 energy from the target.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shield OverloadConclave OfferingRareMag - PVPShield Polarize Augment - Increases the time for the target's shield to regenerate by 9 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Ballistic BullseyeSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareMesaBallistic Battery Augment - Applies a 100% status chance bonus to the shot, based on the amount charged.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Muzzle FlashSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareMesaShooting Gallery Augment - Does a burst before switching between players, blinding enemies within 8 meters for 7 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Staggering ShieldSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareMesaShatter Shield Augment - Reflected bullets gain a 50% chance of staggeting enemies.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Hall of MalevolenceAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareMirageHall of Mirrors Augment - The damage of your doppelgangers is increased by 5% every time you kill an enemy.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Explosive LegerdemainAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareMirageSleight of Hand Augment - Pickups are turned into proximity mines that deal 250% damage with a 60% proc chance.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Total EclipseAribiters of Hexis, Cephalon SudaRareMirageEclipse Augment - While active, allies within 5 meters gain 100% benefit from Eclipse.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Soul SurvivorThe Perrin Sequence, Red VeilRareNekrosSoul Punch Augment - Use on a downed ally to revive him with 30% of health. Nekros's energy will be consumed.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
DespoilThe Perrin Sequence, Red VeilRareNekrosDesecrate Augment - No longer consumes energy, but consumes 50 health instead.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shield of ShadowsThe Perrin Sequence, Red VeilRareNekrosShadow of the Dead Augment - Shadows within 50 meters each take 6% of the damage done to Nekros in his stead.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Neutron StarSteel Meridian, Cephalon SudaRareNovaNull Star Augment - Recasting Null Star will make all remaining particles explode, doing 120 blast area damage with guaranteed proc in 8 meters.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Antimatter AbsorbSteel Meridian, Cephalon SudaRareNovaAntimatter Drop Augment - Absorbs enemy bullets within 3 meters, increasing its gamade when it explodes.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Escape VelocitySteel Meridian, Cephalon SudaRareNovaWorm Hole Augment - Allies that travel through wormhole gain a 50% speed bonus for 7 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Mind FreakArbiters of Hexis, New LokaRareNyxMind Control Augment - Controlled targets does increased damage by 500%.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Pacifying BoltsArbiters of Hexis, New LokaRareNyxPsychic Bolts Augment - Affected enemies will be confused for 10 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Chaos SphereArbiters of Hexis, New LokaRareNyxChaos Augment - Enemies entering the effect range will be inflicted with Chaos, Effect range lasts for 50% of the ability duration and shrinks over time.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
SingularityConclave OfferingRareNyx - PVPAbsorb Augment - Creates a ring every 3 seconds that drags in enemies at 15 meters per second.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Smite InfusionSteel Meridian, New LokaRareOberonSmite Augment - Casting on allies will add 100% Radiation damage to their attacks for 40 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Hallowed EruptionSteel Meridian, New LokaRareOberonHallowed Ground Augment - The next time this ability is cast it will consume the Hollowed Ground, dealing the remaining damage in a burst with 100% chance of Radiation proc.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Hallowed ReckoningSteel Meridian, New LokaRareOberonReckoning Augment - Enemies affected by Reckoning spawn zones that increase armor by 250 for allies and inflicts 150 damage to enemies over 10 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Defiled ReckoningConclave OfferingRareOberon - PVPReckoning Augment - Health orbs become unusable by enemies for 10 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Ironclad ChargeSteel Meridian, The Perrin SequenceRareRhinoRhino Charge Augment - Each enemy hit increases Rhino's armor rating by 50% for 10 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Iron ShrapnelSteel Meridian, The Perrin Sequence, Conclave OfferingRareRhino - PVE,PVPIron Skin Augment - Recasting Iron Skin will cause it to detonate, dealing 100% of its remaining health as puncture damage, and knocking down enemies.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Piercing RoarSteel Meridian, The Perrin SequenceRareRhinoRoar Augment - Enemies within 25 meters will suffer from a puncture proc.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Venom DoseSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareSarynSpored Augment - Casting on allies will add 100% Toxin damage to their attacks for 40 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Regenerative MoltSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareSarynMolt Augment - After casting Molt, Saryn regenerates 50 health every second for 10 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Contagion CloudSteel Meridian, Red VeilRareSarynToxic Lash Augment - Melee kills create 2m toxic clouds, dealing 150 toxin damage per second for 12 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Pool of LifeThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareTrinityWell of Life Augment - On death, marked enemies will drop 4 health orbs with a 25% chance of dropping an energy orb.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Vampire LeechThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareTrinityEnergy Vampire Augment - Excess energy replenishes shields by 150%.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Abating LinkThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareTrinityLink Augment - Reduces armor rating by 45% on enemies targeted by Link.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Swing LineThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareValkyrRip Line Augment - After using Rip Line, the next 4 Rip Lines will have no energy cost while airborne.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Eternal WarThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareValkyrWarcry Augment - While active, Warcry's duration is increased by 2 seconds for each melee kill.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Prolonged ParalysisThe Perrin Sequence, New LokaRareValkyrParalysis Augment - Affected enemies are pulled towards Valkyr and the stun duration is increased by 200%.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Hysterical FixationConclave OfferingRareValkyr - PVPHysteria Augment - While Hysteria is active, each kill restores 20% max shields.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Tesla LinkThe Perrin Sequence, Cephalon SudaRareVaubanTesla Augment - Every pair of Teslas will connect forming a beam that will cause 250 Slash damage when contaced.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Repelling BastilleThe Perrin Sequence, Cephalon SudaRareVaubanBastille Augment - When at max capacity, has a 100% chance to repel new enemies that enter the radius.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Perpetual VortexThe Perrin Sequence, Cephalon SudaRareVaubanVortex Augment - Vortex's duration is increased by 70% of its max duration for each additional Vortex thrown into it.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shock TrooperArbiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareVoltShock Augment - Casting on allies will add 100% Electricity damage to their attacks for 40 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Shocking SpeedArbiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareVoltSpeed Augment - Enemies touched while sprinting under the effects of speed will take 175 electricity damage with guaranteed proc.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
CapacitanceArbiters of Hexis, Red VeilRareVoltOverload Augment - Converts 7& of damage dealt into shields split between Volt and allies Tenno.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Recharge BarrierConclave OfferingRareVolt - PVPElectric Shield Augment - Allies that pass through have 100 shields restored.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Kinetic CollisionConclave OfferingRareVolt - PVPSpeed Augment - Running into an opponent increases the duration of Speed by 4 seconds.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Divebomb VortexRed Veil, New LokaRareZephyrDive Bomb Augment - Enemies within 12 meters of the point of impact are dragged into it.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Jet StreamRed Veil, New LokaRareZephyrTurbulence Augment - Turbulence increases movement speed by 40% and projectile speed by 100% for Zephyr and her allies.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Funnel CloudsRed Veil, New LokaRareZephyrTornado Augment - Causes 8 additional tonadoes. All tornadoes are 50% their original size and won't pick up enemies.Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Primal RageArbiters Of Hexis, New LokaRareWukongWiki LinkUntransmutable
InfiltrateCephlon Suda, The Perrin SequenceRareIvaraProwl Augment - Ivara is Able to Bypass Laser Barriers and Gains 25% Movemnt SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Power of ThreeConclave OfferingRareIvaraQuiver Augment - Quiver Shots 3 Arrows and Consumes 20 More EnergyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Ward RecoveryConclave OfferingRareNezhaWarding Halo Augment - 50% of Casting Cost Returned Based on How Much Protection is LeftWiki LinkUntransmutable
Energy FieldArchwing EximusRareOdonataEergy Shell Augment - Energy Shell Applies to allies within 35mWiki LinkUntransmutable
AfterburnerArchwing EximusRareElytronCore Vent Augment - Blast Damage Ingites Exhaust Fumesfor 12s, enemies passing though the flames take 500 heat damageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Cold SnapArchwing EximusRareItzalBlack Hole Augment - Enemies near the black hole are frozen for 5sWiki LinkUntransmutable
Shield FluxRemoved in U17CommonWarframe+100% Shield to StaminaWiki LinkUntransmutable
MarathonRemoved in U17CommonWarframe+150% Stamina MaxWiki LinkUntransmutable
AviatorTop 100 of special eventCommonWarframeReduced damage while airborne by -20%Wiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed ChamberTop 100 of special eventRarePrimary+100% Bonus Damage on first shot in clipWiki LinkUntransmutable
Affinity AmpU10 BugUncommonAuraAffinity from kills increased +2% KILL XP AmountWiki LinkUntransmutable
Electrical ResistanceU10 BugNoneUncommonAuraReduced damage from electrical attacks +1.5 Damage ResistanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
EMP AuraU10 BugUncommonAuraRobotic enemies have reduced accuracy -60% AccuracyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Fire ResistanceU10 BugNoneUncommonAuraDamage from heat reduced 0.3 Damage ResistanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Frost InsulationU10 BugNoneUncommonAuraReduces damage from freeze attacks +1.8 Damage ResistanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Laser DeflectionU10 BugNoneUncommonAuraLaser damage deflected +1.8 Damage ResistanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
LooterU10 BugCommonSentinelDestroys nearby loot cratesWiki LinkUntransmutable
Pistol AmpU10 BugUncommonAuraPistol damage increased +27% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Resilient FocusU10 BugRareWarframe+5% Damage Resistance on StunWiki LinkUntransmutable
SacrificeU10 BugRareSentinelSentinel will revive its owner when downed. Sentinel dies at the end of the reviveWiki LinkUntransmutable
Shotgun AmpU10 BugUncommonAuraShotgun damage increased +60% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Toxin ResistanceU10 BugUncommonAuraDamage from poisons reduced +15% Damage ResistanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Staggering ForceReplaced by Melee Prowess in U11CommonMelee+15% StunWiki LinkUntransmutable
Second WindRemoved in U17CommonMelee+30 Stamina on Melee Kill -60% Channeling EfficiencyWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed ContinuityBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryWarframe+55% Power DurationWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed FlowBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryWarframe+275% Power MaxWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed VigorLogin RewardLegendaryWarframe+220% Shield Capacity +220% HealthWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Bane of CorpusBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryRifle+55% Damage to CorpusWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Bane of GrineerBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryRifle+55% Damage to GrineerWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Bane of InfestedBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryRifle+55% Damage to InfestedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Fast HandsBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryRifle+55% Reload SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Rifle Ammo MutationBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryRifleConvert unused ammo drops into Rifle AmmoWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Heated ChargeBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryPistol+165% Extra Heat DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Pistol GambitBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryPistolConvert unused ammo drops into Pistol AmmoWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Pistol MutationBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryPistol+187% Critical ChanceWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Slip MagazineBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryPistol+55% Magazine CapacityWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Target CrackerBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryPistol+110% Crit DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Point BlankBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryShotgun+165% DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed RavageBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryShotgun+110% Crit DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Shotgun Ammo MutationBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryShotgunConvert unused ammo drops into Shotgun AmmoWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Heavy TraumaBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryMelee+165% Impact DamageWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed ReachBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryMelee+165% RangeWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed FuryLogin RewardLegendaryMelee+55% Attack SpeedWiki LinkUntransmutable
Primed Morphic TransformerBaro Ki'Teer (Relay Trader)LegendaryArchwing+55% Power StrengthWiki LinkUntransmutable